Ana Zdravkovic

LxL PROJECT (2019)
Villacidro, Sardinia, Italy

I have participated in the LxL art residency project as a member of the Art Influence artistic collective together with the artists Alba Escayo (Spain), Lasha Makharadze (Georgia) and Tanja Uverić (Serbia). The project was organized by the NoArte Paese Museo Association, and it was held in July 2019 in Villacidro, Sardinia. Our project, Atlante della Memoria, involved the research about the local community and the interaction with the local people. The collaborative mural which represents the word TRALLALLERA, the traditional Sardinian song. It´s creation involved the participation of the local people of all ages. The interactive installation was placed in the Lavatoio Pubblico, the old Washhouse built in 1893. Used for washing the laundry it represented one of the gathering places of the town, which in the present is abandoned. The goal of the installation was the revival of the Lavatoio. We have filled its sinks with water. During the project opening, the visitors could take different colored paper boats, name them with words in old Sardinian language that they consider important, and let them float in the water. We have covered the tubes of Lavatoio in artworks made of different pieces of textile collected from the local people. Each piece contained different phrases written in Sardinian language. The visitors had a possibility to add more phrases and proverbs on the textile pieces. An artistic representation of the Villacidro map was placed in the back of Lavatoio. It was made as a collage made of textile pieces collected from the local people. We have marked all the places we have visited and the things that have marked our experience during the residency. The visitors had the opportunity to continue working on the map by writing the name of their own important places on a small piece of textile that later was attached to the map by the safety pin. The results of our research, sketches and notes were included in the poster, ATLANTE DELLA MEMORIA.

Ana Zdravkovic

Castronuovo di Sant' Andrea, Basilicata, Italy

Sant Andrea is collaborative mural painting project developed in the far south of Italy. It was organized by the association NoArte Paese Museo in Castronuovo di Sant' Andrea (Basilicata, Italy) and dedicated to the depiction of the saint of the village: San Andrea. I was one of the 8 invited artists: Daniele Pillitu (Italy), Alba Escayo (Spain), Nikola Srdić (Serbia), Lasha Makharadze (Georgia), Alejandro Casanova Barberán (Spain), Nikola Avramović (Serbia) and Ana Zdravković (Serbia). We had an opportunity to learn about the local culture, nature and history and spend time with the local community.

Ana Zdravkovic

San Sperate, Sardinia, Italy

The Grundtvig workshop of mural painting, The Wall of Europe, was organized by the association NoArte Paese Museo in San Sperate village (Sardinia, Italy) from 15th-26th June, 2013. It was based on the idea about changing the concept of "division" associated to physical, institutional or ideological walls. The workshop involved the participation of 21 international artists. My work formed part of the Santa Elena Street Project on which I was working together with Anna Cherednikova (Russia), Alba Escayo (Spain), Lasha Makharadze (Georgia) and Tanja Uverić (Serbia). Our intervention in Santa Elena Street in San Sperate was based on the concept of "breaking the walls" by creating a special, common space where the local people can connect and spend time together. It was inspired by our contact with the local community, other artists and the experience and impressions that we gained during our stay in San Sperate. The project was funded by Istituto Nazionale di Documentazione per l’Innovazione e la Ricerca Educativa (INDIRE), and Agenzia Nazionale L.L.P. Italia - Sottoprogramma Grundtvig del Programma L.L.P.

Madrid, Spain

The Blue Iceberg project was created as a part of the H2O Emergencias workshop organized by Esther Moñivas at the Complutense University in Madrid (Spain). It was inspired by the work of GLACKMA– a non-profit scientific association which studies the evolution of glaciers as natural sensors of the global warming. The project has been carried out in collaboration of Alba Escayo (visual artist, Spain), Tze Toh (composer, Singapore) and Ana Zdravković (visual artist, Serbia). Inspired by the blue colour of glaciers, we were treating the water issues through painting with colored ice cubes. We reduced the intervention on the painting by hands to a minimum: the coloured ice cubes have been left on paper to melt and create its own lines and ways. The result of the artistic intervention are three paintings on paper and a video of the melting ice process. Thanks to the composer Tze Toh the video is enriched with his music.