Ana Zdravkovic


I work mostly in the field of figurative painting and drawing. I like experimenting with different materials, types of paper, textiles, and different textures. My work has always been inspired in everything that surrounds me, especially in the variety of forms present in nature. I focus on the tiniest details of ordinary things, everyday objects, observing them deeply and discovering the ways the things function and what they are made of. My most recent work focuses on the complexity of connections and impacts developed between the human and the environment. I explore these connections through the world of plants and natural world reflecting on the possible results of their mutual impact.


Ana Zdravković is a visual artist from Belgrade, Serbia. Her work involves mostly painting and drawing, as well as experiments with different materials. She is inspired by a variety of forms and textures encountered in nature and explores the complexity of relations between the human, other living beings and environment. Graduated from the Painting Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (Serbia), she received a Master in Art Research and Creation at the Complutense University in Madrid (Spain). Currently pursuing a PhD in Fine Arts with the focus on the possibilities of art-science connections and cross-disciplinary collaborations, she is a member of the Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia and has participated in various exhibitions, residency programs, artistic and educational projects.

Ana Zdravkovic



  • Beograd, grad u kome stvaram (Gallery Dom vojske, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Umetnost danas (Exhibition Hall of the National Bank of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • HACIENDO BARRIO (Center Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain)
  • Crtež (Mala galerija ULUPUDS-a, Belgrade, Serbia)


  • Pomeranje granica / 4 (Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • ARS VISIBILIS IV. GENIUS, Int. Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Women Artists (MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, Almería, Spain)
  • City VS Nature (Quinta del Sordo, Madrid, Spain)


  • 30x30, Travelling Exhibition (Cultural Center of Zrenjanin, Serbia)
  • HORIZONTI (Gallery Progres, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • TRADICIONALNO/MODERNO (Velika galerija, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Art[ ]KVADRAT®SRBIJA 2017-2018 (CArtCENTAR, first opening at Eđšeg Castle, Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • Nature VS City (Contemporary Art Center, Batumi, Georgia)
  • Mali format, Travelling Exhibition (ULUPUDS, Cultural Centre Masuka, Velika Plana, Serbia)
  • Competition in Ceramics, Painting and Photography (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Madrid, Spain)


  • 5 Artistas y 5 Películas Serbias, ¿QUIÉN CANTA POR AHÍ?: SERBIOS A TRAVÉS DE SU CINE (Auditorio, Matadero, Madrid, Spain)
  • The 16th Exhibition Planet Earth, The Illegal Wildlife Trade (Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade, Serbia)


  • MALASAÑA, MÁS QUE UN BARRIO (Espacio Pozas 14, Madrid, Spain)
  • BioArt (International Gwacheon National Science Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)
  • Think Locally, Fuck Globally (Espacio B, Madrid, Spain)


  • H2O Emergencias (Exhibition hall at Complutense University, Madrid, Spain)
  • Anthesis (Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid, Spain)
  • VIII National Painting Competition (El Primero de Fariña Toro, Spain)
  • VI Continente, Espacio común (Palacio de la Merced, Córdoba, Spain)


  • X International Fine Arts Colony (Jovan Popović gallery, Opovo, Serbia)
  • III International Art Fair of Churriana (Churriana, Granada, Spain)
  • International Exhibition of Women Artists (City hall of Maracena, Granada, Spain)


  • ARTmART Künstlerhaus (Vienna, Austria)
  • Drawing Exhibition (Gallery "FLU", Belgrade, Serbia)


  • 38th Exhibition of Student's Small Format Drawings and Sculptures (Cultural Center Dom omladine, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Exhibition 30 x 30 (Cultural Center of Zrenjanin, Serbia)
  • XV Biennial of Student's Drawing Serbia (Cultural Center Studentski grad, Belgrade, Serbia)


  • Exhibition of Drawings (Kuća Đure Jakšića, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Artistic Drawing, Henkel Art Award (Kuća legata, Belgrade, Serbia)


  • XIV Biennial of Student's Drawing Serbia (Cultural Center Studentski grad, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • 36th Exhibition of Student's Small Format Drawings and Sculptures (Cultural Center Dom omladine, Belgrade, Serbia)


  • Progressive Hopes - Artistic Interventions in the street (Haos, Belgrade, Serbia)


  • The Sixth Sichuan International Children's Painting Exhibition (Sichuan, China)

Projects & Activities


LxL art residency project organized by NoArte Paese Museo Association, Villacidro, Sardinia, Italy


Awarded artist at the II Visual Arts Competition Four Seasons Hotel organized by Canalejas Centre in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain


Member of ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia)


Honorable Mention at the 7th Watercolor Art Hwa-Yang Award Competition, Taipei, Taiwan


The San Andrea project, collaborative mural painting organized by the association Noarte Paese Museo, Castronuovo di Sant` Andrea, Provenza, Basilicata, Italy


The Grundtvig Workshop of mural painting, The Wall of Europe, organized by the association NoArte Paese Museo, funded by Istituto Nazionale di Documentazione per l’Innovazione e la Ricerca Educativa (INDIRE), and Agenzia Nazionale L.L.P. Italia - Sottoprogramma Grundtvig del Programma L.L.P., San Sperate, Sardinia, Italy


International Painting Colony Entre Valles organzied by Torrearte, Torremocha de Jarama, Spain

X International Fine Arts Colony, Jovan Popović gallery, Opovo, Serbia


With Character Against Violence, mural painting project in the streets of Belgrade organized by the Center of True Values, Waterpolo Association of Serbia, supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Belgrade, Serbia


Voluntary creative art educational program with children without parental care, organized by the fund Contemporary Children, Belgrade, Serbia



Doctoral Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain


Master in Art Research and Creation, Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain


Graduated from the Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Art University of Belgrade, Serbia


Graduated from the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Works in Collections

Four Seasons Hotel, Madrid, Spain

Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Department, University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

Mosaic in the Belgrade Zoo, Serbia

Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy

Torrearte, Torremocha de Jarama, Spain

Gallery "Jovan Popović", Opovo, Serbia

YAP - Creative experimental center, Florence, Italy